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Are you referring to the LDS definition of hell, or the protestant
What is the problem? Didn't I cite the scripture I was using for authority? I mean whatever "destruction" that the savior says awaits all those who follow the broad path instead of the strait gate.

Last I looked it up, there is a temporary hell in spirit prison,
where sins not repented of will be paid for by the individual. DC 132
tells us that some celestial beings may even have to pay for some of
their own sins in this hell.
This is all correct doctrine, but I cannot see its relevance if you are trying to rebut me. Mormon hell or Baptist hell, the way to destruction is broad, and the way to life is narrow and strait.

So, that does not tell me anything concerning the level of righteousness of a person.
I didn't say anything about levels of righteousness. I simply paraphrased the scripture that says only a few find the strait gate and narrow path that leads to life.

 Even the murderer/adulterer King David told us he would not stay in hell.
The other hell, Outer Darkness, is a permanent place for those who
totally reject Christ. Although I believe that many preachers are false
prophets (some are just deceived by the world), I do not believe the
majority of them will enter Outer Darkness. They don't qualify.
I agree but consider this a different discussion. I was merely pointing out that only those who enter in by the strait gate and narrow path obtain "life." The road to destruction is broad. Hence there will be few in the Celestial Kingdom compared with the Telestial and Terrestrial kingdoms.

I am not avoiding the fact of hell. I'm just not seeing your easy blanket
statement as being true. Why? Because there are going to be exceptions.
Exceptions do not invalidate the rule. That is, a true principle is true whether it applies in every case or merely in most cases.

Little children who have never heard of Christ, but die before the age of
eight are already his. Yet, they aren't baptized, nor have they really
accepted any gospel, since they are too young to understand it or accept
Yep. The Savior must have known this when he said "few there be that find it." Perhaps he wasn't factoring in the little children.

"A liberal in the Church is merely one who does not have
a testimony." --President Harold B. Lee
All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR

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