Are you referring to the LDS definition of hell, or the protestant
version? Last I looked it up, there is a temporary hell in spirit prison,
where sins not repented of will be paid for by the individual. DC 132
tells us that some celestial beings may even have to pay for some of
their own sins in this hell. So, that does not tell me anything
concerning the level of righteousness of a person.  Even the
murderer/adulterer King David told us he would not stay in hell.
The other hell, Outer Darkness, is a permanent place for those who
totally reject Christ. Although I believe that many preachers are false
prophets (some are just deceived by the world), I do not believe the
majority of them will enter Outer Darkness. They don't qualify.

I am not avoiding the fact of hell. I'm just not seeing your easy blanket
statement as being true. Why? Because there are going to be exceptions.
Little children who have never heard of Christ, but die before the age of
eight are already his. Yet, they aren't baptized, nor have they really
accepted any gospel, since they are too young to understand it or accept

Both hells will be crowded, since most people sin and won't repent of all
their sins (for the first), and since 1/3 the hosts of heaven already
have signed up for Outer Darkness.

But that still doesn't determine who is a true Christian. It only tells
me who ISN'T a true Christian - those who completely rebel and sin.  I
can't see with God's eyes the events that have shaped, are shaping, or
will shape a person's spirit. I therefore am unable to determine who is
or isn't a true Christian. And I defnitely cannot make a blanket
statement on it, as the commandments change for people as the Spirit
teaches us higher things.  

Two people can be living the minimum requirements for entering the
temple. One can be a very spiritual person, doing his/her very best to
obey the commandments. The other could be a stake president, who has lots
of gospel knowledge and knows he should be moving higher in spirituality,
but has settled on his laurels. Are they both 'true Christians?'  Both
are worthy of the temple, yet I cannot look into their entire lives to
determine which one is or isn't.

What is my definition of a 'true' Christian?  It is a person that is
doing their best to follow the light and truth God has placed in his/her
life, regardless of whether they currently are a member/Christian, or

K'aya K'ama,
Gerald/gary  Smith    gszion1    http://www
"No one is as hopelessly enslaved as the person who thinks he's free."  -
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In my view, Mark is right.  And Gary is still determined to avoid that
that hell, whatever that means, is going to be a crowded place since
will find the narrow way that leads to life.
John W. Redelfs    

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