I was treated to a viewing of the first movie in this series last
summer.  We were at our annual family reunion at Fairmont in our
timeshares and our family was the only one that thought to bring a DVD
player and our copy of the movie.  So all the LOR fanatics came to our
suite to watch it. And as a good host I made them home made ice cream
and watched politely.  I have to admit, however, that I received the
movie with a curious mixture of bewilderment, frustration and boredom.
It seemed to be essentially a rather contrived road movie with an
uncertain destination. The villains were far too villainous and the
heros far too heroic.  It seemed to be a cartoon. The string of Deux ex
machina like plot twists became almost ludicrous and certainly
pretentious. The thought of watching another like it makes me start to
reach around in my mind for the normal range of excuses... "I'm sorry I
have to wash my hair* tonight, I guess I'll have to skip the movie this


* substitute cat, car, clothes, or whatever for hair, just for variety.

Cardston, Alberta

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> Sent: December 10, 2002 9:28 AM
> Subject: The Two Towers Anticipation (was Re: [ZION] Are any of you
> problems?
> > By the way, am I the only one out there who is REALLY looking
forward to
> > seeing "LOTR: The Two Towers"?
> Perhaps, but only because I am REALLY, UNBELIEVABLY looking forward to
> :-)
> While it does come out on the 18th, I count days until I will see it.
> for me, it's ten more days.
> I have no suspense this time about how the movie will be.  I know that
> will be great because the first was so good and the continuity of
> shooting guarantees consistent quality.
> Predictions: 1.) It won't make as much money as the first one did (but
> will still make lots).
> 2.) It won't receive as much acclaim as a movie in and of itself as
> first one did.  It will very clearly be seen as the continuation of
> movie and very incomplete on its own.  No one will mind that, of
> knowing what to expect.  Of course, the one year wait for the
> will just about kill the fans.
> 3.) When all three movies are completed, the opus will considered one
> the greatest cinematic achievements of all time.  It will be a
> against which all other directors' works will be judged.  Maybe no one
> will ever attempt anything like it again.  It will be considered a
> wonderful work of art that has substantially increased the value of
> great body of work done over time.  It will be canonical.  The
> set of the extended versions will be a must have and no other series
> movies will come close to the total movie experience.  Not even the
> three Star Wars movies.
> 4.) After next year's third installation, there will be some theatres
> will hold near continuous showings of the "whole" movie (i.e. all
> as one movie.  That will be about nine hours.  Perhaps people will be
> to pay for portions of the show.
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