I have read this e-mail below and now understand. Disregard my last e-mail. If out of state support will count on this issue I will call, but they may check on how many phone calls are coming from out of state numbers. Please send me information on whether out of state support will do any good before I call. I'm worried that if too many out of state people call they will find this out and then you won't get the desired result.


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From:  Rob Hanks <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date:  Thu Dec 12, 2002  4:27 pm
Subject:  PLAZA UPDATE 12-12-02


Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! Thanks for all of your signatures,
e-mails, phone calls and letters to the Mayor and City Council in favor
giving the easement to the LDS Church.

I am sure that most of you are aware from the news reports that only
200 people came to the council meeting and our rally. While we are very
grateful to those who gave us their support we are afraid that the
on the City Council wasn't quite what we had hoped for.

Please know what is going on. Under the banner of the constitution and
right to free speech, the Main Street Plaza is being used for many
Young brides and grooms are being mocked and even spit at as they have
their pictures taken on the Temple grounds. The protesters have called
innocent women "whores" because they belong to the Church that is the
"whore of the earth". There have been wine tasting parties and
literature being passed out. These are just a few of the problems and
are taking place on what was supposed to be private church property.

The LDS Church has to protect our sacred Temple, one way or another. The

best and most cost-efficient way is for the City to dissolve the
and make the Plaza Private property. If the City decides to allow this
issue to go to the Supreme Court then Mayor Anderson's agenda will be
accomplished in my opinion. Rocky and the ACLU will have struck the
publicity gold mine.

All of us have conflicts and choices of activities at this wonderful
of year and all of them seem to be good choices. We understand the
commitment to family, church and business activities. We humbly beg you
make the choice to defend the Church and our sacred Temple by attending
City Council Meeting with the Friends of Main Street Plaza on December
17th. Your physical presence is the thing that will make the difference.

The meeting is at the City offices at 451 South State Street. It begins
at 5:30 and public comment is scheduled from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. The
building is very large. The seating capacity of the various rooms will
only be about 200 - 250 but the hallways are vast and will hold several
thousand people.

Please be there. We need to let the Mayor, the City Council and world
how important our Temple is to us and to those who spend 40 years to
it. Consider bringing your families, your relief societies, quorums and
youth groups. This is an opportunity to do something important.

Yes it may be cold outside. Yes it is difficult to park downtown (ride
Trax). Yes, this could even be considered a sacrifice but we are not
asking you to cross the frozen Mississippi River. We need your help.
Please pass this on to everyone you know. Keep the petitions going. We
need thousands of signatures. New petition form is attached that gives
more information. We only have a few days to get the word out. Commit to

be there and bring someone with you.

If you are new to the effort you can download the previous documents
explains all of what we are doing at www.bridgepoint.com/plaza. You may
also e-mail me at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Thanks for your support.

Rob Hanks

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