Well, I'm excited for movie two.  I want to see it opening night, not 
sure how I'll work that in to my life with a baby.  My husband has seen 
Fellowship for the first time on DVD over Thanksgiving weekend, so now 
he wants to see Two Towers with me, hurrah.

A friend brought the DVD by at Thanksgiving, so I got to see much of 
that backstory, making-of footage.  Made me more excited to see the next 
installment.  Made me wonder why I'm not doing cool stuff in my life, 
like making scale models of orthanc, or designing elven swords, or more 
particularly, designing and making the costumes.  
     My daughter was Fleur de la Coeur for Halloween, and making her 
costume was too fun.  She's a natural platinum blonde at this age, and 
her good friend already claimed the Hermione role.

My prediction for this Two Towers movie is that it will be violent.  As 
I was rereading Two Towers this week, I was noticing a preponderance of 
battle scenes.  Also, I 'm looking forward to Eowyn's character being 
introduced to the movie--a fabulous character that could be the star of 
a lesser work.

Reading two of the books a measure of fan status?  I'm running into geek 
rating.  I've read the entire LOTR trilogy four times in the last 
thirteen months.  Too me, the dividing line between the fans and the 
fanatics is learning elvish.   
      Though now more people talk about LOTR and I find I know much more 
about it that other readers, I believe I should give in to my interest 
in the languages of middle earth.  apparently I'm a tolkien geek anyway.

My eight-year-old wants to have a LOTR-themed birthday party next year.  
That's my girl!  

okay, I'll admit my friends called me Meriadoc all those years ago, and 
my best friend was Pippin.  anyone else had a LOTR moniker?

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