Not me, but someone I knew in Kansas was named Eowyn.  Her parents were
LOTR fanatics.  She had this wonderful long, wavy red hair that I just

Heidi the fair

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> Date: 12/14/2002 12:40:18 AM
> Subject: [ZION] LOTR Two Towers
> Well, I'm excited for movie two.  I want to see it opening night, not 
> sure how I'll work that in to my life with a baby.  My husband has seen 
> Fellowship for the first time on DVD over Thanksgiving weekend, so now 
> he wants to see Two Towers with me, hurrah.
> A friend brought the DVD by at Thanksgiving, so I got to see much of 
> that backstory, making-of footage.  Made me more excited to see the next 
> installment.  Made me wonder why I'm not doing cool stuff in my life, 
> like making scale models of orthanc, or designing elven swords, or more 
> particularly, designing and making the costumes.  
>      My daughter was Fleur de la Coeur for Halloween, and making her 
> costume was too fun.  She's a natural platinum blonde at this age, and 
> her good friend already claimed the Hermione role.
> My prediction for this Two Towers movie is that it will be violent.  As 
> I was rereading Two Towers this week, I was noticing a preponderance of 
> battle scenes.  Also, I 'm looking forward to Eowyn's character being 
> introduced to the movie--a fabulous character that could be the star of 
> a lesser work.
> Reading two of the books a measure of fan status?  I'm running into geek 
> rating.  I've read the entire LOTR trilogy four times in the last 
> thirteen months.  Too me, the dividing line between the fans and the 
> fanatics is learning elvish.   
>       Though now more people talk about LOTR and I find I know much more 
> about it that other readers, I believe I should give in to my interest 
> in the languages of middle earth.  apparently I'm a tolkien geek anyway.
> My eight-year-old wants to have a LOTR-themed birthday party next year.  
> That's my girl!  
> Johnna
> okay, I'll admit my friends called me Meriadoc all those years ago, and 
> my best friend was Pippin.  anyone else had a LOTR moniker?
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