Stacy Smith wrote:
Can someone explain to me how there could be total freedom of religion 
with people observing the Mosaic law?  How can there have been a command 
against blasphemy and a death sentence if conditions like Alma portrays 
were true?  How could there have been a climate of religious freedom?

Book of Mormon culture in this period appears to have far transcended 
the Law of Moses.  As we can see from the context of the story in Alma 
1, the rules of Nephite society during that period were much more 
liberal than in the most strict legalistic Jewish culture.  In fact 
conditions seemed to more closely parallel those in the early Christian 

The apostle Paul wrote about the Jews, ..."the law was a schoolmaster to 
bring us unto Christ."   Apparently the Law of Moses had a different 
effect on Nephite society than it seems to have had on the Jews during 
the same period.

Mij Ebaboc

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