Stephen Beecroft wrote:

> The funnest thing about interviewing at Microsoft are the famous (or
> infamous) "interview questions", of which you're likely to get at least
> one per interview. A classic example is:
> You have three closed barrels in front of you, one filled with black
> marbles, one filled with white marbles, and one filled with a mix of
> black and white marbles. You also have three labels, one to a barrel,
> reading "Black", "White", and "Mixed". You are told that each barrel has
> the wrong sign on it. You are allowed to draw one marble from a barrel.
> What is the least number of marbles you can draw to put the signs
> aright, and from which barrel(s) do you draw it/them? *(Answer below)
> Here's one I just got this afternoon that I hadn't heard before, though
> I'm pretty sure it's an old question:
> You wish to market a climbing chain consisting of some lengths of chain
> that can be joined together by carob-beaners (removeable links). Regular

No wonder Microsoft's spellchecker is so lousy ;-) (carabiners, from a German word
for "carbine hook". IIRC, aren't Italy's alpine police known as carabinieri?)

<cheep, cheep> [as in "cheap spelling flame]

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