At 12:46 12/19/2002 -0700, M Marc wrote:
I knew it was familiar for some reason, although I can't say I'd ever heard of it
being used in place of or with cocoa (but it does explain one thing I remember:
cans labelled "Karob" in German supermarkets next to the coffee and tea). And I'm
sorry, I've already forgotten who it was who posted the excellent lttle article on
carobs yesterday, because I wanted to add a comment to that.

Its other names are "locust bean" and "St. John's Bread" in the belief that when
it said in the NT that John the Baptist ate honey and locust, modern translators
couldn't see him actually eating insects. Besides the yuck factor, they thought it
wasn't kosher. However, locusts are indeed kosher, it turns out, (Leviticus
11:20-21) and the Greek word in the NT refers quite clearly to an insect.

So he really did eat bugs.

Somehow, we knew about the kosher part. The Greek? Well, it's all greek to me.

Till the BTW Back-bacon's not kosher!

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