"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> It would have been nice if you had joined me in my protest, Marc.  I don't
> remember hearing a peep from you.  There is a bishop in my stake who is a
> longtime Mormon-L-er, and he didn't say anything either.  Bob Westover
> didn't say anything either.  I wasn't so disgusted with Richard Russell's
> blasphemy.  I expected as much from him.  But the lack of protest persuaded
> me that I had no place on the list.  I was truly offended by the lack of
> protest. You know what would have happened if someone had said something
> negative about D. Michael Quinn.
> Aw... nevermind.  It is all ancient history.

Well, I guess we remember it differently. But my style on Mormon-L, where I kind
of considered myself a self-appointed "home teacher" in the same sense I am
responsible for the "no contacts" in our ward* is such that I wasn't going to come
out and call people blasphemers or whatever, but I distinctly remember asking that
people observe the golden rule; that just as they didn't like some of your
characterizations of liberals, they, too, should show some respect and common
decency. Also, as I recall, it was RR who made the remark, I believe it was PB.
But I could be mistaken. Probably neither one of us cares enough about it to
search Mormon-L's archives.

And I also remember on more than one occasion writing exactly, "I'm with John on
this one," although I can't remember offhand what the issues were at the time. And
I wasn't the only one -- there were other "TBM's" there, too. Some didn't stick
around very long, mind you.

I'm not on Mormon-L anymore in any case; I cut back a lot of my Internet activity
for various reasons, but mostly because of my health.

*so what does a "no contact" home teacher do? He sends out monthly newsletters,
with a bit of eye-catching news to get their interest (say, like about Burton
Cummings) and adds a spiritual message (my last one was from a book by Sis.

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