This is all fine and dandy, Marc, but you sidestepped my question.

Do you drink beer?  (And, while I'm at it, did you play Homer on the
series?) :-)


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More to the point, he's a *Hindu* Indian, as you can tell both from his name
from the way his wife dresses (there was an episode when his family and the
Simpsons had dinner together). Pakistan and Bangladesh were both intended to
part of India when India was given its independence, but Ali Jamnah [sp from
memory], who would later become the first president of Pakistan, was afraid
Nehru would not be able to guarantee Muslim rights in the proposed secular
and insisted on a separate Muslim state. The result was thousands of deaths
many Moslems left India and practically all the Hindus left Pakistan. And
eventually, of course, the East Bengali Moslems separated and formed yet a
country, Bangladesh. India has pretty well kept to its secularism (despite
rise of the BHP) and ironically remains the world's largest Muslim country
terms of raw population numbers), whereas Pakistan, and to a lesser extent,
Bangladesh, have become hotbeds of Islamic extremism, and even Pakistan's
historical Christian communities (part of a community which claims to date
the Apostle Thomas's time) have come under quite a bit of persecution.

India is an incredibly complex and heterogenous country.

Jon Spencer wrote:

> Jim Cobabe wrote:
> >
> > Jon Spencer wrote:
> > ---
> > I have come to the conclusion that Marc was cheated by the Pakistani
> > owner of a convenience store in his neck of the woods!  :-)
> > ---
> >
> > Sounds like a Simpsons episode.
> Actually, teh convenience store owner in the Simpsons is an Indian, but
> sort of look alike, so what's the difference?  Opps!  Now I guess I have
> pull a Lott.  I wonder if I can get in IET (Indian Entertainment TV).
> >
> > Come to think of it, perhaps we could draw some interesting and
> > instructive parallels between Homer and his Canadian
> > counterpart-apparent.  :-0
> Homer drinks beer, so he could never be a Bishop.  At least I thikn so.
> Marc, you don't drink beer, do you? :-)
> Jon
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