One of the things that I love about this list is that we can spat about one
thread while we are kissing and hugging on another.


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George Cobabe wrote:

> Marc, rather than start another political yelling match with you about the
> USA and our policies, I will just say you are all screwed up and let it go
> at that.

Okay. But I never did any yelling. No one ever proved me wrong on the last
about the role of spokespeople in the Westminster system. Let's remember
that two
claims were made by Jim, who started the thread by posting an article from
Toronto Star:

1) the comment about Bush being a "moron" was made publicly. I showed (as
indeed, the article itself) that it wasn't public. I got a "so what" kind of
half-hearted acknowledgement from someone -- either Jim or Stephen, I can't
remember which -- but that's all.

2) the comment was made by a politician. As a civil servant in a
government, I explained why she wasn't a politician. You will never see a
like Francie Ducros giving a public statement -- it's always the minister
who does
(we consider this one of the basics of "responsible government" which means
minister is the one who is responsible, and everything in his or her
department is
always done in his/her name; civil servants never issue statements or hold
conferences like they do in the U.S. I never got an acknowledgement that Jim
wrong in his assumption that the rest of the world acts like the U.S. in

But you're free to express an emotional opinion, as we all are.

> I am reminded of the old story of the Stallion and the horse fly.  The fly
> kept biting the horse but when it was all over the fly was still an
> and the horse was still a stallion.
> So keep biting at the USA if it makes you feel better as a Canadian, but
> remember what is true in the end.

You are being presumptuous about my motives, and you're wrong, too. But if
you feel better to hold this belief about my motives, go for it.

> It is always easy to criticize when you are out of the loop and unable to
> anything about it.

I don't understand this comment. I believe I was *in* the loop on that
since I happen to have first-hand experience of the process involved.

Marc A. Schindler
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada -- Gateway to the Boreal Parkland

"Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will
himself up and continue on" - Winston Churchill

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