A quote from the _Gospel Fundamentals_ manual, chapter 36.  I prefer 
this level of presentation when discussing the nature of our Heavenly 
Father.  The tone of our discussion strikes me as overly famililiar at 
times when we touch on the most sacred topics.  The Church manual 
material is substantive but simple, almost simplistic.  For me, this 
attitude exemplifies the highest degree of respect and reverence for 
Heavenly Father.


If we have faith in Jesus Christ and try to obey all His commandments, 
we will receive eternal life and become like our Father in Heaven.

Becoming like our Father in Heaven is like climbing a ladder. We must 
start at the bottom and climb each step until we reach the top. The 
Prophet Joseph Smith said that if we want to become like our Father in 
Heaven we must learn how He feels, thinks, and acts. When we understand 
these things about Him, we can then learn all other things about Him, 
until we know how to become as He is.

It will help us to remember that our Father in Heaven was once a man who 
lived on an earth, the same as we do. He became our Father in Heaven by 
overcoming problems, just as we have to do on this earth. However, the 
Prophet Joseph Smith said we will not learn everything we need to learn 
while in this world. It will take us a long time after we complete this 
life to know all the things we need to know in order to become like our 
Father in Heaven.

When we do learn to keep all of our Father in Heavenís commandments, 
think how happy we will be as we return to Him and He tells us He is 
happy with the life we lived and we will become like Him and live with 
Him forever.

Mij Ebaboc

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