> When God created this universe

> He did not create this universe. He caused it to be organized.
> Big difference!

> The prophets and the scriptures are unanimous in declaring that
> God did, indeed, create the heavens and the earth. "Cause to be
> organized" is what "create" means, just like when you create an
> email or a songwriter creates a song. George is right in his usage.

> Sorry, but your stating a specific definition does not make it so.

Nor does your so stating. So let's use a neutral, reliable third party's 
definition. How do the scriptures use the term "create"? How do the 
prophets use it? What does the dictionary say? (American or Canadian, 
your choice.)

> The prophets and the scriptures tell me something different than
> they tell you.

Impossible. One of us must not be hearing correctly. And since the 
scriptures clearly state the God "created" the heavens and the earth, in 
this case I don't think I'm the one with the earwax buildup...

Q-Tips, anyone?


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