Geez, I have lost track of who is arguing what and why?

The original point was that as God created/organized the world He also
created/organized the law that governed it.

To criticize me for using a word that you object to, when I capitulated and
used your word (organize) instead of the scriptural term, does not make
sense, nor does it promote careful discussion.

Why push the point?  Listen to the message given rather than the words used.
I know that words are important, but the message is even more so.

But if it is fun for you to worry about which word you insist is crucial -
go for it.


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> -George-
> > When God created this universe
> -Jon-
> > He did not create this universe. He caused it to be organized.
> > Big difference!
> -Stephen-
> > The prophets and the scriptures are unanimous in declaring that
> > God did, indeed, create the heavens and the earth. "Cause to be
> > organized" is what "create" means, just like when you create an
> > email or a songwriter creates a song. George is right in his usage.
> -Jon-
> > Sorry, but your stating a specific definition does not make it so.
> Nor does your so stating. So let's use a neutral, reliable third party's
> definition. How do the scriptures use the term "create"? How do the
> prophets use it? What does the dictionary say? (American or Canadian,
> your choice.)
> > The prophets and the scriptures tell me something different than
> > they tell you.
> Impossible. One of us must not be hearing correctly. And since the
> scriptures clearly state the God "created" the heavens and the earth, in
> this case I don't think I'm the one with the earwax buildup...
> Q-Tips, anyone?
> Stephen
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