I, on the other hand, while watching the situation very carefully, have not
yet asked for a Prozac prescription.  While I do not trust the government,
neither do I assume evil intent.  I fear the activism of the judicial branch
far more than I fear the effects of the Patriot Act (interesting name, that,

I feel that many are over-reacting before they need to.  Repeated outcries
against everything causes people to reject the views of Libertarian
Conservatives (I like that phrase!) when they truly have something to say.

The Act is a Fact.  I encourage all to be on their guard, but
prognosticating the beginning of the end seems a bit over the top.  Is this
any worse than having an IRS that for decades has been able to confiscate
private property without due process, or any of a number of other much worse


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Subject: Re: [ZION] Constitutional Losses

Yes, Val, some of the rest of us _DO_ feel that way. Most of us are less
vocal than John, but, at least on this issue, I am very concerned. I
don't know what I can do about it, but I am very alarmed at the way the
US citizenry has just rolled over and given the Feds anything they want
on this issue.

Truthfully, I see the current set of changes as the pivotal ones that
will eventually take us from a free society to one that is obviously not
free. I think history will look back on this time as when the country
turned the corner by turning its back on freedom.

It makes me wonder, can it really be long before the Elders of the
Church have to save the constitution?


Valerie Nielsen Williams wrote:
> Okay Zionisti:
> For a looooong time, I have perused and mused as I read John Redelfs'
> thoughts on conspiricy theories.  You see, I grew up with a dad who spoke
> very much the way John does, and so, as progeny often will, I
> intentionally went opposite in my thinking from where my dad was.
> See, I had this altruistic view of our government, that they wouldn't
> intentionally do things that would harm us.  My dad must have read one
> too many books etc. etc.
> Now-- ever since 9/11 I feel that our government has been doing its
> darndest to, not gently erode the constitution, but to take massive
> chunks of our freedoms under the thinly guised pretense of protecting us.
>  This has bothered me for some time, and I get uneasy everytime I hear
> people say "I understand why they need to search my body for hidden
> weapons. . .blah blah blah [or should I say baaa baaa baaa]."
> Tonight, though, came the straw.  Under the provisions of the Patriot Act
> (sounds so. . .patriotic!) the feds can, at will, check out what you are
> reading and checking out at your library!!  This includes not only books,
> but ANYTHING you've read on the Internet.  Of course, "they" say that it
> is only used for suspected terrorists etc., but come on!!   The news also
> reported that they can find out what you've been buying at the book
> stores as well--under the provisions of the Patriot Act.
> Our founding fathers must be having fits as they watch the masses accept
> this with nothing more than a shrug of the shoulders and a quick "Oh
> well."
> Does anyone else see this or feel the same way?  Or do I need to get a
> prescription for Prozac?
> your cynical sis in Mishawaka
> val
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