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Steven - even in Knowlton's quote it does not say the nation would be saved,
only that the constitution will be borne away from destruction.  This may
very well be separate from the entity known as the United States.  It is
unlikely, for example, that the city of Zion in the Mississippi valley will
be established without some prior upheaval in the nation - simply based on
the eventual size of the "city."

I have not heard from you on our other topic for some time - are we through
with that?


Correct. It does not say the "nation would be saved." I believe I made it clear that the "saving" references were strictly to those in reference to the United States Constitution--or at least the principles contained therein.

Regarding "our other topic." I thought I had responded and was waiting for a further response back from you. But, I've been so busy the last few weeks that I might have missed it.

Steven Montgomery

The overall performance of the college graduates in the Convention of 1787 speaks forcefully for the proposition that Latin, rhetoric, philosophy, and mathematics can be a healthy fare for political heroes.----Clinton Rossiter

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