The government already has most of these search authorities. They have
just reorganized them somewhat to make it more efficient for the new
Homeland Dept.

In all reality, we generally have more freedoms now than in previous
generations in this country. It isn't the first time that freedoms have
temporarily been curtailed in order to preserve the union. John Adams
instituted the Sedition and Treason Acts (which Jefferson denounced and
abolished as his first act as president). George Washington took the
daring approach of using federal troops to put down the Whiskey
Rebellion. Abraham Lincoln curtailed many freedoms during the Civil War
(and the GAs today speak highly of him, whenever they speak of Lincoln). 

Teddy Roosevelt created laws to end monopolies and the robber barons,
while FDR implemented drastic changes during the Great Depression. Some
felt these moves took away freedoms, while in reality, they created more
opportunities and freedoms. Breaking up Standard Oil has created many oil
companies that all are bigger than the original monopoly. The same can be
said of AT&T's break up, which now allows us to own our own phones, and
the resulting competition  has created the fiber networks, cell phone
structure and satellite networks that we have come to know over the past
20 years. IBM avoided a break up by allowing an open and competitive
Personal Computer environment, which we now all enjoy with continually
cheaper prices and faster systems.

FDR's efforts fed many families, putting thousands of men to work in
improving roads, excavating archaeological sites, and building parks
around the nation. It established Social Security, while imperfect and
abused by later generations of Congress, has allowed millions of elderly
people to have a bearable, if not comfortable time, in their declining

Maslowe's pyramid shows that basic needs must be met before freedom means
anything. You can't eat freedom.  And government regulations can help to
protect the innocent from the guilty, though imperfectly. Otherwise, the
founding fathers would not have established a central government in the
first place. Yes, they knew that men could abuse any governmental system,
which is true. But they also knew that good things could come from good
men in government.

The rules being applied now could be abused inthe future. However, the
outcries of the public would probably force the feds to back down, as
they have on many occasions. You don't see many Wacos or Ruby Ridges
occurring anymore, because Americans wouldn't stand for it.  Try and see
both the pros and cons in these laws, that they might actually provide
law abiding citizens with more protection, thus increasing their freedom.
In what way, you ask? If terrorists threaten us too much and terrorize
our psyches too much, we become prisoners in our own homes. With a level
of security, we are assured the guilty will more easily be caught, and we
can leave our homes without worrying about such dangers.

K'aya K'ama,

Gerald (Gary) Smith     
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Family History, Food Storage, etc.

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