Maj Tom Merrill wrote:

...according to them, some families within Israel have been singled out for greatness. That there are lineages that have been set aside to rule and reign over the rest of us.

What is the opinion of the group?

===================== Grampa Bill comments:

Reading the first several answers to the Good Major's query, there seems to be near unanimity that the doctrine being taught is false. I'm not quite sure. True enough, the question is posed in such a manner as to elicit near visceral outrage, but lets look at some other aspects.

First, let's get rid of that "rule and reign over the rest of us" line. Christ taught that to rule is to serve and set the example in washing His Apostles' feet. Seems this ruling and reigning business ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Next, it is obvious there are certain families both within and outside the Chirch that rise to and remain in positions of prominence. The Smith family comes to mind immediately. Prophets, Patriarchs, Apostles, Seventies and numerous General Officers of the Church have arisen from this family over a number generations. It is not limited to the Smiths. Check the Pratts and the Youngs, the Tanners, et al. In fact, this phenomenon is so prevalent that if the doctine of Royal Blood is not true, the Church would seem to be a hot bed of nepotism.

One of the great blessings one seeks is to raise up a righteous posterity. If blessings follow righteousness, one would expect to see prominence in certain families.

I have read that Colonel George Reade, a prominent pre-Revolutionary War patriot, fathered a number of U.S. Presidents and a brace of General Authorities and Officers of the Church. He is also one of my ancestors and whatever prominence his descendants enjoy certainly skipped my branch and generation.

I think the main thing is that certain folks, by their pre-existant and/or mortal righteousness merit having some of the "great and noble" spirits to be born into their posterity.

I don't know that I have expressed this well, but I 'spect ther is something to this doctrine regardless of how distastefully it might have been expressed.

Love y'all
Grampa Bill in Savannah

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