This doctrine of the election of grace is as follows: "As part of the 
new song the saints will sing when they 'see eye to eye' and the 
millennial era has been ushered in will be these words, 'The Lord hath 
redeemed his people, Israel, According to the election of grace, Which 
was brought to pass by the faith And covenant of their fathers.' (D. & 
C. 84:98-102; Rom. 11:1-5.) This election of grace is a very 
fundamental, logical, and important part of God's dealings with men 
through the ages. To bring to pass the salvation of the greatest 
possible number of his spirit children the Lord, in general, sends the 
most righteous and worthy saints to earth through the lineage of Abraham 
and Jacob. This course is a manifestation of his grace or in other words 
his love, mercy, and condescension toward his children.

"This election to a chosen lineage is based on pre-existent worthiness 
and is thus made 'according to the foreknowledge of God.' (1 Pet. 1:2.) 
Those so grouped together during their mortal probation have more 
abundant opportunities to make and keep the covenants of salvation, a 
right which they earned by pre-existent devotion to the cause of 
righteousness. As part of this election, Abraham and others of the noble 
and great spirits were chosen before they were born for the particular 
missions assigned them in this life. (Abra. 3:22-24; Rom. 9.)

"As with every basic doctrine of the gospel, the Lord's system of 
election based on pre-existent faithfulness has been changed and 
perverted by an apostate Christendom. So absurd have been the false 
conclusions reached in this field that millions of sincere though 
deceived persons have devoutly believed that in accordance with the 
divine will men were pre-destined to receive salvation or damnation 
which no act on their part could change. (Teachings, p. 189.)

"Actually, if the full blessings of salvation are to follow, the 
doctrine of election must operate twice. First, righteous spirits are 
elected or chosen to come to mortality as heirs of special blessings. 
Then, they must be called and elected again in this life, an occurrence 
which takes place when they join the true Church. (D. & C. 53:1.) 
Finally, in order to reap eternal salvation, they must press forward in 
obedient devotion to the truth until they make their 'calling and 
election sure' (2 Pet. 1), that is, are 'sealed up unto eternal life.' 
(D. & C. 131:5.)" (Mormon Doctrine, 2nd ed., pp. 216-217.)

(_Doctrinal New Testament Commentary_, Bruce R. McConkie.)

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