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It seems to me that the tradition of hand shaking is diminishing somewhat in LSD social circles, the ones I'm in, that is. And for that, I'm quite glad. I don't want to shake hands with anyone, quite frankly. It's just a germy thing to do and it should be discontinued, in my noble opinion.

Think about it; handshaking spreads germs, disease, and simply more pain to make our already miserable earth lives more miserable. So why shake hands with germy people? They put their fingers in their noses, cracks (various ones), and rub there oily skin. I simply can't stand it when I see people in church rubbing their faces, yes, and mouths--then they want to shake hands with me?? God forbid.

Does anyone feel like me? I feel my complaints are noteworthy.It's a good idea to wash you hands after shaking. Wouldn't you say?

Paul O

Paul, maybe you should consider carrying around one of those big squirt bottle of that anti-bacterial hand gel and use it every time immediately after you shake someone's hand . . . and hope you never get called as Sacrament meeting door greeter . . .

And at 11:15 AM 6/20/03 -0600, Jeffrey Ross wrote:
Maybe LSD causes a hand shaking/germ phobia. I know it can cause hallucinations and such.


Hey! I'm the smart-aleck around here!

-- Ronn! :)

Professional Smart-Aleck. Do Not Attempt.

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