Hey Jeff, the 70's are over, man. I'm a good boy now days. ;-)

On Fri, 20 Jun 2003 11:15:24 -0600 Jeffrey Ross <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Maybe LSD causes a hand shaking/germ phobia.  I know it can cause 
> hallucinations and such.
> --Jeff.
> >>> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 6/20/2003 10:40:57 AM >>>
> It seems to me that the tradition of hand shaking is diminishing 
> somewhat in LSD social circles, the ones I'm in, that is. And for 
> that, I'm quite glad. I don't want to shake hands with anyone, quite 
> frankly. It's just a germy thing to do and it should be 
> discontinued, in my noble opinion.
> Think about it; handshaking spreads germs, disease, and simply more 
> pain to make our already miserable earth lives more miserable. So 
> why shake hands with germy people? They put their fingers in their 
> noses, cracks (various ones), and rub there oily skin. I simply 
> can't stand it when I see people in church rubbing their faces, yes, 
> and mouths--then they want to shake hands with me?? God forbid.
> Does anyone feel like me? I feel my complaints are noteworthy.It's a 
> good idea to wash you hands after shaking. Wouldn't you say?  
> Paul O
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Paul O

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