Antibacterial soap is no more effective than regular soap.  Here's the

1.  The skin keeps bacteria and viruses out of the body.
2.  Bacteria and especially viruses lurk in the oil on your hand.
3.  Washing with water only does a poor job of removing these disgusting
4.  Washing with a wetting agent such as soap or detergent removes these
oils.  But ya gotta wash ALL of the surface of your hands, including between
the fingers.  Most people do an extremely poor job of washing their hands.
5.  Antibacterial agents kill some bacteria, but certainly don't do anything
about viruses (you know, colds, flues. etc.)
6.  Stop poking your face with your hands.  That will eliminate much of the
infection that occurs.
7.  If you are worried about shaking hands, then also do not touch any
handrails, nor any door knobs, nor anything else anyone has touched.

As an interesting side note, there was a study done on the causes of
intestinal infection on wilderness backpackers.  What made them sick?  Was
it untreated water?  Bad jokes?  What was it?

It turns out that the highest correlating factor was whether or not they
washed their hands before eating and after pooping.  Those who did seldom
got sick.  Those who got sick seldom did.


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> On Fri, 20 Jun 2003 12:29:45 -0500 "Ronn! Blankenship"
> > Paul, maybe you should consider carrying around one of those big
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> > bottle of that anti-bacterial hand gel and use it every time
> > immediately
> > after you shake someone's hand . . . and hope you never get called
> > as
> > Sacrament meeting door greeter . . .
> That's really a good idea, seriously, a good idea. I'll talk to my wife
> about it.
> Paul O
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