Me too, Heidi.

Paul O

On Sun, 22 Jun 2003 14:47:32 -0500 [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:
> I am a big believer in hand washing.  That might have something to do 
> with
> the fact that my mother is a nurse.  Anyhoo...I've spent a lot of 
> time
> around children that aren't my own, and I rarely get sick.  I 
> strongly
> believe that I wash my hands thoroughly as often as possible.  I'm 
> not
> obsessive about it, but I do wash my hands thoroughly before eating 
> and
> after using the loo, before and after being around children (like, 
> serving
> in the nursery or looking after the neighbors' kids, etc), and also 
> when
> I've touched animals (like petting a dog).  I've taught my children 
> to be
> careful about washing their hands as well, and they rarely are sick 
> beyond
> having allergies...
> Also, I don't use anti-bacterial soap at my house.  In both 
> bathrooms and
> in the kitchen, I have liquid soap pumps filled with regular,
> non-anti-bacterial soap.  Also, and this is an eccentricity (if you 
> want to
> call it that) passed on to me from my mother...after using a public
> restroom and washing hands, I use a paper towel in my hand (or, 
> failing
> that, a tissue from my purse) to open the door to leave - in 
> recognition of
> the fact that most people don't regularly wash their hands well, if 
> at all,
> and then they go touch that door handle.  Ish!
> Heidi the fair
> Heidi Page

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