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> Oh, I don't know, Paul.  I'm pretty particular, I suppose, but I just
> don't
> worry about making hand contact with the temple workers.  Especially
> when
> it pertains to performing ordinances, I just feel like the Lord
> will
> protect us.  And actually, the Lord is in charge; He is the one who
> has
> said how the ordinances are to be performed.  It is just my
> personal
> feeling that when we are in the temple, we are where we are supposed
> to be
> and everything will be alright.  I just don't worry about it there.
> Naturally, I wash my hands as per my usual practice (like after
> using the
> restroom and before eating) but beyond that, I just don't worry
> about it in
> the temple.
> But that's me...
> Heidi the fair

I understand your faith in this thing, Heidi. But-- I don't necessarily think the Lord will "protect" us just because we are doing work in the temple. We LDS people are always getting sick just as other people do. It seems the Lord doesn't stop this from happening but actually deems that we get sick-- you know-- those wonderful little trials that we get stuck with? I want to avoid those trials if I can.

It isn't the temple workers hands that I am so concerned with but all the
hands he has been shaking. Germs get carried that way. It's just not
sanitary if you ask me. Something should be done about it.

Paul O

Such paranoia didn't do Howard Hughes any good. I'm beginning to think that perhaps people should be exposed to as many germs as possible, starting with early childhood. That way the body can build up its immune system and develop resistance to as many germs and viruses as possible. For example, I exposed my children to chickenpox when they were young (and at the best age to handle such a disease, as opposed to when they are middle aged or older and have more severe complications) and they have never had any problems since.

I remember reading an article in one scientific journal, which had what appeared to be some evidence for its thesis, that one of the reasons western culture and civilization developed and persevered was due to the fact that that particular stock of people had more immunity built up than other races or peoples.

Steven Montgomery

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