Stacy and Scott:  You might check out
for Rick Mendoza's excellent (beats even ADA's) updates on the world of
diabetes.  What meter is best for me might not be best for you, and vice
versa.  Rick has a HUGE group of comparisons.  I preferred the painful
and slow In Touch meter for its accuracy, speed, and the fact that it
gave me a VERY good idea of what my H1AC (sp?) was.  But that model was
pulled, and I was given a -- uh, it's dark and I can't see and I forgot
-- model which permits arm (rather than painful finger) testing. 
OneTouch!  That's it!  But it might not be best for Scott, and it
certainly can't speak (which Stacy needs).

Rick's site is not only an excellent resource, but he publishes a free
e-zine (Diabetes Update) which brings in data from very different fields
and sources - data which is invaluable to a diabetic, but which we'd
never discover on our own.  Read also his information about the Glycemic
Index and the Satiety Index.

After starting this job (which ends this week) in a mortgage company, I
found the stress raised my glucose to 200+ each morning!  (My pancreas
panics when there's no sugar in the blood at night, and increases glucose
production while I sleep.  Thanks a LOT, Mister Pancreas!)  More exercise
and improving diet (I'd gotten sloppy) has it down around the 140s now,
but I need to get it down to 100 again.  For that, I've found nothing
works better than exercise and the Mormon Diet (aka the Word of Wisdom
Diet) that was published around 1992 or 1993.  (Or in the 19th century,
however you look at it.)

May all your readings be low, but not TOO low.


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