Today, I was privileged to participate in the conferring of the keys for the
president of the Deacons Quorum on my younger son.  My older son is
currently the 1st Assistant in the Priests Quorum.  I am the Asst Advisor
(Scout leader) in the Teachers Quorum.  It was interesting to be at the BYC
this evening, given that the TQ Advisor could not attend, so I went in his
place (no big deal, since we are meeting in a school waiting for our new
building to be completed, and we hold many meetings downstairs in our
bookstore, so I have to be there anyway).  My sons and I had all three
quorums covered!

My younger son is sort of retiring, and not at all assertive, but he was
somehow different this evening - very self assured and competent, doing an
excellent job for his first time at BYC.  When we got home, I asked him if
he felt any different after he received his keys and his blessing from the
Bishop.  My son is very honest, and when he was trying to decide if the
choices he was making for his counselors were acceptable to the Lord, he
said he didn't get confirmation.  (That is another story that worked out as
an excellent teaching opportunity for us.)  But he said that he did feel
different after the blessing, and I most certainly did see the difference in

I know that others of you have had the opportunity to see your sons growing
strong in the Priesthood, but it was such a joyous and wonderful event to
see my two sons at BYC.  They are certainly no where near perfect (but
consider their home environment!).  But they are on the right path;  they
know who they are and where they are going.  I love this gospel, and I can't
imagine trying to raise children without the Lord's Church to serve as a
rock upon which my wife and I can build.

I simply must do a better job at being a member missionary.  I so much want
other parents to feel the same joy that I did today.


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