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Paul O

On Sun, 13 Jul 2003 22:00:56 -0400 Jon Spencer
> Today, I was privileged to participate in the conferring of the keys 
> for the
> president of the Deacons Quorum on my younger son.  My older son is
> currently the 1st Assistant in the Priests Quorum.  I am the Asst 
> Advisor
> (Scout leader) in the Teachers Quorum.  It was interesting to be at 
> the BYC
> this evening, given that the TQ Advisor could not attend, so I went 
> in his
> place (no big deal, since we are meeting in a school waiting for our 
> new
> building to be completed, and we hold many meetings downstairs in 
> our
> bookstore, so I have to be there anyway).  My sons and I had all 
> three
> quorums covered!
> My younger son is sort of retiring, and not at all assertive, but he 
> was
> somehow different this evening - very self assured and competent, 
> doing an
> excellent job for his first time at BYC.  When we got home, I asked 
> him if
> he felt any different after he received his keys and his blessing 
> from the
> Bishop.  My son is very honest, and when he was trying to decide if 
> the
> choices he was making for his counselors were acceptable to the 
> Lord, he
> said he didn't get confirmation.  (That is another story that worked 
> out as
> an excellent teaching opportunity for us.)  But he said that he did 
> feel
> different after the blessing, and I most certainly did see the 
> difference in
> him.
> I know that others of you have had the opportunity to see your sons 
> growing
> strong in the Priesthood, but it was such a joyous and wonderful 
> event to
> see my two sons at BYC.  They are certainly no where near perfect 
> (but
> consider their home environment!).  But they are on the right path;  
> they
> know who they are and where they are going.  I love this gospel, and 
> I can't
> imagine trying to raise children without the Lord's Church to serve 
> as a
> rock upon which my wife and I can build.
> I simply must do a better job at being a member missionary.  I so 
> much want
> other parents to feel the same joy that I did today.
> Jon

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