We've had this discussion before (whether the church was, collectively,
still under condemnation for not taking the Book of Mormon more
seriously) and I think the consensus was - since the condemnation was
VERY public'ly mentioned each time it was mentioned by a prophet - that
we'd certainly hear about it if the condemnation was lifted.  Shucks, it
seems to me that the general authorities are STILL commenting that we
should get more serious in our scripture study.

Still -- we are making progress.  When we were living in Utah, I loved
collecting old church publications -- and it was interesting to note that
from the earliest days (we're talking 19th century pioneers) of church
publications, the Book of Mormon wasn't being used that much for Sunday
School lessons, etc.  There were entirely separate periodicals published
with instructions for each Sunday's lessons in Sunday School (different
classes), priesthood, etc. -- and I went through several years without
seeing a mention of or quote from the Book of Mormon at all.

Since President Benson spanked the saints, ALL the church periodicals got
serious about using the Book of Mormon -- and it's a regular part of our
Sunday studies.  This doesn't say whether or not families are studying it
on their own time or applying it in Real Life (which is the acid test, I
guess) but the church is, collectively, doing a lot more than it was.

"Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you
are doing the impossible."

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