Well I did not go through Boot Camp, but rather OCS.  But it was not a
nightmare and certainly was not representative of life in general.  It was
challenging and not a lot of fun, but it was manageable.

The point is that bad experiences are not the sum total of what life is or
what life is about.  Life generally is great experiences with family and
friends.  It is attending to church assignments.  It is working with clients
and solving problems.  But it is not scary, it is not horrible and it is
something I look forward to every day.

I have kids that drive me crazy - that reject the church, but I also have
more kids that are all that a father would want.  It all balances out and I
get out of life what I expect and what God wants me to have to experience
all that I need to perfect myself through living the best I can and relying
on the atonement of the Savior.

"Attitude, not Circumstances" is one of  the keys to a happy life.


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> George Cobabe favored us with:
> >I am sorry that your life is so terrible that you need to disagree.
> >
> >I have noticed that when the burden is great and is heavy to bear it is a
> >result of sin and of ignoring the promise of the Savior:  My burden is
> >light.
> >
> >Challenges? Yes, but manageable and to be celebrated as opportunities to
> >have our soul refined in preparation for the next life.
> >
> >Not a nightmare - a sweet life with challenges.
> >
> >At least in my limited experience.
> Was Marine Corps boot camp a nightmare, George?  --JWR
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