Paul Osborne wrote:

<<As far as this life being a nightmare?  (as was suggested) - that does
seem like a loving Father at all.  I think that this life is a wonderful
experience and every challenge only adds to the fun.  And the small
challenges are only there to prepare us for the big one.>>

I don't agree with you George. Life can be a nightmare. Father in Heaven
is loving but he also very mean.

Paul, that has to be one of the worst things I have ever heard you say. Our Father in Heaven is NOT mean. No more than a loving earthly parent who has to follow through with a promised punishment for deliberate disobedience. He loves us far beyond our own comprehension. What you perceive as meanness on His part is either the consequences of disobedient actions of yours or those around you, or else is challenges He has given you for your own benefit. These latter are for your benefit and improvement and are given to you out of the Purest Love, not from meanness. If you really feel the way you wrote, I feel truly sorry for you.


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