For many years one of my favorite LPs was El Solitario by Pedro Messone. It is a Spanish language album from Chile that my wife owned when I met her. Quite a few years ago my turntable quit working and I never replaced it, preferring to listen to tapes and audio CDs. But I have sorely missed Pedro Messone.

So when I started downloading Mp3s from the file sharing networks using KaZaA, I tried to download some Pedro Messone. Too bad. He just never came up in any of the searches. I was out of luck.

Well, congratulate me! Last night I hit the jackpot! And today I am enjoying nine tracks of Pedro Messone including many of the songs that were on the El Solitario album. I am so pleased.

Anyway, if any of you ever get a chance to listen to him, I recommend it. I don't speak Spanish, but I listen to the music the same way I would the Italian opera, which is to say I appreciate the singing and the music by themselves.

What favorite albums have deeply moved some of you? Anything that I ought to try?

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