On Thu, 17 Jul 2003 10:15:03 -0800 "John W. Redelfs"
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes a great deal about *Gods & Generals*, a
movie I fully intend to see whenever it's free and I have spare time. 
And then he challenged us:

> What about you all?  Have any of you seen a good movie lately?  I buy a
> couple of DVDs every month, and I'm always looking for something good
> I have overlooked.

We don't often get videos or DVDs anymore.  We're getting so old that
it's two episdoes of *Everybody Shoots Raymond* and then to bed.  We'll
stay up late for *Monk* (even though it comes on at TEN P.M. on the Beast
Coast!), maybe *Enterprise* or *Candid Camera*.... last night we stayed
up for 75 minutes of *the 6 Wives of Henry VIII.*  

But when we're between assignments and have entire days of no work, we're
back at Indiana, where we have no TV.  So we plug in a DVD to this
laptop, and the last four we bought were:

*God's Army* - an excellent movie which you've already read as much about
as you ever want to read.  For its budget, it's amazing.

*Brigham City* - You haven't read enough about this movie.  The murder
mystery part of it is a MacGuffin; the real meat is in the last 7 or 10
minutes.  You do have to get through the rest of the movie to comprehend
the last part (and the rest of the movie is Pretty Darned Good, so it
won't hurt you; FUNNY portrayal by our favorite diabetic Quaker Oats
guy).  The movie ends up saying more about the atonement than a dozen
sermons, and shows just how very personal it can be --- and demonstrates
how very, very guilty each and every one of us are.  Without the
Atontement, life is (as John has been saying) utterly hopeless.  With the
Atonement --- well, just view the movie.

*The Incredible Hulk,* "Married," *the Incredible Hulk Returns,* and
*Trial of the Incredible Hulk.*  With the probably-adequate movie hitting
the theatres this summer, someone got the bright idea to release some of
the best episodes on DVD.  And as a sucker for the Lee/Kirby/Ditko
originals and the not-quite-kosher TV show, I couldn't resist.  These
three DVDs cover the 1st TV movie (but not the second) which became the
pilot for the show, the best episode of the show (Mariette Hartley, about
the same time she was hawking Polaroid cameras with James Gardner), and
two of the later TV movies.  "Returns" was a bit of a pilot for a Thor
series (never happened) and "Trial" was a pilot for a Daredevil series
(also was not picked up).  And the star of each is Bill Bixby, who
effectively makes us believe in and pity a man who is trapped, becoming a
hulking monster whenever his blood pressure increases (in the comics,
Banner had to not only curb his temper, but watch his diet) or whenever
it's convinient for a writer.  I have yet to pick up the last of the
series:  *the Death of the Incredible Hulk,* directed and (IIRC) plotted
by Bixby when he learned that he was dying.

And of course we want to go see *the League of Veryordinary Gentlemen*
since a friend told us it wasn't as bad as the comic.

"Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you
are doing the impossible."

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