Did the revelation allow the use of moldy bread as our Teachers tried to do
once when they wanted to use some bread left in the container we use to
bring the Sacrament trays back and forth to the school we meet in because
someone forgot to bring the bread?  (A quick trip to my house solved this
little problem.)

I will be very grateful when our building is finally finished, as it is
approaching 3 years in this school.  I take the hymnals home each week, and
the boxes are a testament to the true worth of duct tape!  Originally, the
building was to be available in July.  Now we are working on November. The
second Sunday in January will start our fourth year.


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> Paul Osborne wrote:
> >Joseph Smith went out and bought real wine because real wine seemed like
> >the thing to do and everyone liked the taste of wine-- or people wouldn't
have drunk it all the time.
> >
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> Grampa Bill comments:
>     Well, no, Paul. I 'spect he bought wine because the revealed
> Sacrament prayer specified wine. A later revelation relieved the Saints
> of that commandment, allowing  use of GatorAde and Saltine Crackers if
> that's what's available.
> Love y'all,
> Grampa Bill in Savannah
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