The quick and easy answer to the subject question is:  they (including
feminists such as Gordon B. Hinckley) are still faithful members of the

The controversial answer is:  just what is meant by the term "feminist"? 
Its original meaning was one who sought equal rights, blessings, and
respect to women.  By that meaning, the gospel is the most feminist (as
well as equal opportunity) doctrine in the universe.  Somehow, the term
was usurped by male-hating people.  This sort of thing makes life
difficult for dictionary editors.

Sister Stack seems to be grumbling sour grapes in her article.  Many of
the improvements she cites are not new to the Church.  And some of it is
just bone-headed wrong.  For instance, we had two less-than-18 teenagers
in our home during the year that Cherie was an assistant director for the
baptistry in the Provo Temple.  (No, I was not the director.  I was
another assistant.)  I can't remember anything from the CHoI saying that
women with younger-than-18 kids at home were disallowed to work in the

Certainly there has been unrighteous domininion with much of it being
male towards female.  The scriptures are plain on this (as plain as they
are that such males have no true authority and are in for a whuppin' some
day) and the prophets have decried it from Joseph to Gordon.  But Stack
seems to when one evil (unrighteous dominion) was being fought with
another evil.  

I notice she complained about President Benson's talk without quoting his
talk, but added what she wanted her audience to think he said.  And why
did she not mention that President Benson gave similar council to the
fathers in Zion?  Does anyone really think that President Benson's
councilor (President Hinckley) thus thought worse of his own mother, a
working woman?

And her whole tone is that of the stereotype of the soldier who is upset
there is no more war to fight.  

So the real answer is:  Mormon feminists haven't gone anywhere.  They're
still here, working to build the Kingdom of God, male and female, helpers
meet for each other.

"Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you
are doing the impossible."

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