At 02:36 PM 10/20/03 -0600, Albert Schindler wrote:

>This is Marc's dad, Al Schindler. I'm mostly a lurker on Mormon-L. 'm not sure what 
>list Craig is on, but I'll certainly make sure that he receives your condolences.
>As far as I know now, Marc's funeral will be this coming Thursday in Spruce Grove. 
>Although, in a way, this news didn't come as a surprise, considering Marc's health, 
>it's always something one is not ready for -- especially when he's your son.
>Al Schindler

You certainly have our sympathy.

>"Buying books would be a good thing if one could also buy the
>time to read them in." -- Arthur Schopenhauer

May I say that I suspect Marc is going wild in the library "up there", with no time 
restrictions . . . ?


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>I just received the following and am passing it along for all those 
>interested.  Though shocking, given the source, I have no reason to doubt it.
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>Prominent list member Marc Schindler has passed away.
>His brother, Craig, is also on this list.  If you see
>this Craig, I was so sorry to hear about this.  I was
>worried that this might happen given Marc's recent
>substantial medical problems, but I was hoping that
>his health would improve.
>My deepest condolences.
>> We received the below message at FAIR, and are
>> forwarding it to places
>> frequented by Marc. I hope that each of you will be
>> able to respond as you
>> feel approriate.
>> I hope that each of us has the strength of character
>> to remain active,
>> valiant, and "engaged in a good cause" until the end
>> of our days. Marc will
>> be missed greatly by those who knew and respected
>> him.
>> -Allen Wyatt
>>  FAIR, VP Operations
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>> From: Gordon Garside [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
>> Sent: Monday, October 20, 2003 6:25 AM
>> Subject: Marc Schindler
>> Brother Gordon:
>> I am the Bishop of Brother Marc Schindler, and his
>> friend.  Brother
>> Schindler passed away last evening.  He was a great
>> proponent of FAIR and
>> gospel scholarship.
>> The funeral will likely be this Thursday or Friday.
>> If any would like to send a tribute they could send
>> an email to me.    If
>> any would like to express their condolences to
>> Marc's wife, Kathy, and their
>> family, the address of the Schindler's is: 41
>> Matthew Road, Spruce Grove,
>> Alberta, T7X 2R6.
>Kevin L. Barney
>Hoffman Estates, Illinois
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-- Ronn!  :)

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