At 01:07 AM 10/21/03 -0400, Jon Spencer wrote:

> Regarding the news of Marc Schindler's death:
> I'm saddened to hear this. I always found Marc to be great defender of the
> faith. Marc and I had our disagreements but I liked him. I will miss him

Personally, I have skipped ahead looking for posts from him, hoping for a
Mark Twain response.

I and others received numerous posts from him dated as late as Saturday night, and he didn't say anything about any new problems, so, although I have no details, it seems as if it came on rather suddenly sometime Sunday. In fact, according to a friend of mine from BYU days who lives in his stake and worked with him on a regular basis, they had stake conference this past weekend, and she saw his bishop (who was the one who sent the original message to someone on the FARMS list which that person forwarded to another list I am on and I forwarded to Zion from there) on Sunday evening, but didn't know about it until I e-mailed her to ask if she knew about it.

Has this sad news truly been confirmed?

I have heard from his father, and others I know have actually talked (on the phone) to his wife, so either they're all in on the joke (Marc _does_ have a sense of humor, or humour, as it's known north of the border) or it's real. Unfortunately for us on this side of the veil, I fear it's the latter.

I feel like I have been sucker punched.

That was my reaction, and has been the response of several people I have heard from.

-- Ronn! :)

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