First off, this comes close to attacking the prophets and is a charter
violation, so I'd be more careful in what you say, Paul. Second, we
condemn false teachings and creeds, not peoples and religions. Although
the Catholic Church is fallen from the fullness of the truth, there still
is truth there. If we work with them in good things, we will catch many
more flies with honey than with vinegar.  There is a Church of the Lamb
and a Church of the Devil. However, there is nothing that signifies the
Catholic Church as the Church of the Devil. In fact, D&C 76 would
establish those followers of Catholicism as Terrestrial, or "honorable
men of the world."

Both Joseph Smith and Brigham Young taught that we need to find truth
wherever it is found and make it ours. Brigham said that even if it were
found in hell, we should go there and claim it as our own.

Christ taught us to be charitable, to strengthen those who struggle with
the truth. And doesn't that apply to all people? Or was Christ selective
in who would/could be saved?

Our Church shows a Christ-like kindness and love towards others. This
opens doors for us that make much greater opportunities to teach the
gospel and effect the establishment of Zion.  Does not the D&C and New
Testament both tell us to make friends with Mammon, so that we are not
destroyed?  Clearly there is wisdom in what the Church is doing.

K'aya K'ama,

Gerald (Gary) Smith     
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Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2003 10:08:33 -0600
From: Paul Osborne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Catholics & Mormons unite
The Catholics are using the Mormon building for their own release time
seminary per Church News article. 
"I'm sure the relationship between the LDS and Catholic church will grow
and strengthen because of things like this.  I'm hoping that it will put
us on a road of mutual respect and appreciation that will last for a long
time until the future."
What is going on here? What about the two churches spoken of in the Book
of Mormon, i.e. the Church of the Lamb and the Church of the Devil? I
guess no one believes it anymore. The Church sure has changed. 
Paul O

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