Gerald Smith said:

>Our Church shows a Christ-like kindness and love towards 
>others. This opens doors for us that make much greater 
>opportunities to teach the gospel and effect the establishment 
>of Zion.  Does not the D&C and New Testament both tell us to 
>make friends with Mammon, so that we are not destroyed?  
>Clearly there is wisdom in what the Church is doing.

Before you get too comfortable with the idea of the D&C and New
Testament supporting the idea of making friends with mammon, I would
suggest you re-read the parable in Luke 16. This parable describes an
unjust steward who, in preparation for losing his position, strikes
deals with those who owe his master. The idea being that they will treat
him well when he leaves his masters employment. The master commends the
servant for his worldly wisdom, opining that the children of light don't
show the same wisdom. It is clear from my reading that the point of the
parable is that by making friends with mammon, we will can achieve
temporary security and lose the 'true riches' that the Lord has in store
for us. The parable ends with the statement: "Ye cannot serve God and

I think the reference in D&C 82 is clarified when one ponders the
original parable.

While much can be gained by extending our arms in fellowship, much can
also be lost if we allow ourselves to rationalize our dealings with


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