Natasha is still holding my Gossip post I see. For today I'll just 
dredge up an old poem that I wrote earlier this year.  It covers the 
Gulf subject quite well.

Sonnet 277 1 Nephi 15:28
By Tom Matkin March 28, 2003

Along each briny ocean beach and shore
There's straits and inlets, seas and sounds and bays
And also, everywhere, there's gulfs galore
They're quite the widespread geographic craze.

The Gulf of Mexico is one we know
The Gulf of Bothnia a rarer brand
And ev'ry map will almost surely show
A Gulf in Aden, Oman, and Thailand.

The Persian Gulf, just now, is really strong
The Gulf of Guinea never had a voice
But there's no greater gulf in word or song
Than that which comes from exercise of choice.

Between the saints of God and wicked ends:
The awful Gulf of Misery, my friends.


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