Tom, you crack me up! And I thought false churches were a problem. Maybe the problem is all us monkeys here below. --JWR

Tom Matkin wrote:

Top ten reasons why I'm grateful not to be working in New Delhi

10. Those pesky monsoons.

9. Those pesky cows.

8. What those pesky cows leave behind.

7. One word. Curry.

6. Plodding elephants in the bus lane.

5. Plodding elephants in the commuter lane.

4. Plodding elephants in the bike paths.

3. Too far to travel to the Stake Centre.

2. I'm unaccustomed to the heat.

And the NO. 1 reason I'm grateful not to work in New Delhi: One word. Monkeys!,1280,-3340136,00.html

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