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> Swans are Everything, Everything I Wish I Could Be
> by Tom Matkin, October 25, 2001
> I'll bet a day will come some time
> When swans will be considered prime
> When long necked birds will rule the roost
> And man will be in deep decline.
> With human influ'nce thus reduced
> Economies will get a boost
> And green house gasses pass along
> Except for what a swan's produced.
> And finally that true swan song
> That one so simple, yet too long
> About the wind beneath your wings
> Won't seem so obviously wrong.
> So every time Bette Midler sings
> About the shadow her wing brings
> I think of swans and gas and things
> I think of swans and gas and things.
> Tom

Interesting, moving. But Bette Midler on ZION? Oy vey!The last time I saw
her live, she was strutting, singing and steaming before a crowd of
nearly-nekkid men at The Continental Baths in Manhattan. The things that
reporters have to endure to earn a living: sigh.


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