At 11:19 AM 11/3/2003, you wrote:
> I think highly of you too. Are you sure you don't want to
> reconsider and be a part of ZION again?

Steven, I'm flattered that you even remember me.  My good friend John
has asked that I return, as well.  Guess he thought there wasn't enough
bickering on the list...  As you might be able to tell from my delayed
response, I have very little time these days for online correspondence,
but I will keep my Zion membership active and see if I can contribute
occasionally.  Thanks for the warm welcome.


I'm glad you're back. I always enjoy your point of view and your tremendous ability to "wordsmith."

Like you, my life has become very busy as well. I mostly now "lurk" with an occasional crumb, delectable morsel, and once in a blue moon a full course meal <grin>.

Steven Montgomery

Who was Joseph Smith? The Book of Mormon tells us he was of the seed of Joseph that was sold into Egypt, and hence he was selected as Abraham was to fulfil a work upon the earth. God chose this young man. He was ignorant of letters as the world has it, but the most profoundly learned and intelligent man that I ever met in my life, and I have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, been on different continents and mingled among all classes and creeds of people, yet I have never met a man so intelligent as he was. And where did he get his intelligence from? Not from books, not from the logic or science or philosophy of the day, but he obtained it through the revelation of God made known to him through the medium of the everlasting gospel.óJohn Taylor

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