it appears to me, that this subject of adultery and repentance is one where
we will just have to agree to dis-agree. I respectfully suggest a change of
topic and propose the following to get things going that direction.

the topic of believing things to be doctrine, when in fact they have no
restored revelation/scripture basis was mentioned. I was intrigued by an
article on the subject of "Blood Atonement" relative to capital punishment
which appeared in the Church news recently. The gist of the article was
that while many members of the church have held this to be doctrine for
many years (myself included), the idea of Blood Atonement has no
scriptural basis in fact.  The article included an official statement to
that effect and was issued in response to an inquirey to clarify the
churches position on the subject of capital punishment.

Bob Taylor

   "There are no coincidences, only small miracles." Author Unknown


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