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> Subject: [ZION] change the subject
> it appears to me, that this subject of adultery and repentance is
> one where
> we will just have to agree to dis-agree. I respectfully suggest a
> change of
> topic and propose the following to get things going that direction.
> the topic of believing things to be doctrine, when in fact they have no
> restored revelation/scripture basis was mentioned. I was intrigued by an
> article on the subject of "Blood Atonement" relative to capital punishment
> which appeared in the Church news recently. The gist of the article was
> that while many members of the church have held this to be doctrine for
> many years (myself included), the idea of Blood Atonement has no
> scriptural basis in fact.  The article included an official statement to
> that effect and was issued in response to an inquirey to clarify the
> churches position on the subject of capital punishment.

It appears to me, that this subject of Blood Atonement  is one where we will
just have to agree to dis-agree. Besides, if a statement defining the matter
appeared in The Church News, what's left to discuss? All the thinking has
been done. Therefore, I respectfully suggest that we avoid a discussion of
Blood Atonement like we would the plague (the disease, not Camus').  If you
want to propose a subject that is rife with contention, how about a no holds
barred free-for-all on why "Give Said The Little Stream" is no longer sung
by Primary age children. <wink>

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