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> Ron Scott wrote:
> > > Was Mother Theresa more righteous or just more famous for her
> > > righteousness
> > > than say the widow in your ward that give the widows mite to the Fast
> > > Offering?  --JWR
> >
> >Don't know any widows who my ward that gives a mite, so I can respond
> >specifically.  The general answer to your question, however is: both.
> In my often incorrect opinion, that puts you in the position of making a
> judgement that you are wholly unqualified to make.  Only God knows our
> hearts.  There may be someone in your ward who is more righteous than
> Mother Theresa was.  There would be no way to know, again in my
> humble and
> often worthless opinion. --JWR

You solicited a judgement. Sure I knew it was bait.  A possible sandbag. But
what the hey, my day today was destroyed hours ago. So, based upon what I
know, I rendered unto man what he requested: a well considered judgement.

Had God asked the question, if I survived the shock it would cause I'd
answer: "You're asking me?"

You haven't become God yet, have you John?


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