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> Ron Scott wrote:
> >You solicited a judgement. Sure I knew it was bait.  A possible
> sandbag. But
> >what the hey, my day today was destroyed hours ago. So, based upon what I
> >know, I rendered unto man what he requested: a well considered judgement.
JWR commented--
> Gosh Ron, what ruined your day if I'm not being too nosy to
> ask?  Regardless, I hope that tomorrow is better.  Let me know if
> there is
> anything I can do to help with either day.<

"Destroyed" was a figure of speech, an exaggeration.  I'm trying to edit and
rewrite stuff while the blasted new e-mail prompt keeps dinging with yet
another message from ZION and that list that cannot be named here <grin> not
to mention my own group of 350 -- count'em-- friends from high
school/college. Mormons talk too much, I think.


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