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I think that just as there are true doctrines and the twisted apostate
faux copies made by Satan, there are true passions and then there are
faux passions created by Satan.

Therefore, I believe God is capable of love, but not lust. God is capable
of a Godly hatred of wickedness, but not an evil hatred of all. God is
capable of desire, but does not fly into a rage of jealousy.

Lust in a "perfected state" is still lust. Love in its perfected state is
called charity.

Well, again it might be a matter of semantics, but what about a lust for righteousness?

Steven Montgomery

Who was Joseph Smith? The Book of Mormon tells us he was of the seed of Joseph that was sold into Egypt, and hence he was selected as Abraham was to fulfil a work upon the earth. God chose this young man. He was ignorant of letters as the world has it, but the most profoundly learned and intelligent man that I ever met in my life, and I have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, been on different continents and mingled among all classes and creeds of people, yet I have never met a man so intelligent as he was. And where did he get his intelligence from? Not from books, not from the logic or science or philosophy of the day, but he obtained it through the revelation of God made known to him through the medium of the everlasting gospel.óJohn Taylor

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