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> >I think that just as there are true doctrines and the twisted apostate
> >faux copies made by Satan, there are true passions and then there are
> >faux passions created by Satan.
> >
> >Therefore, I believe God is capable of love, but not lust. God is capable
> >of a Godly hatred of wickedness, but not an evil hatred of all. God is
> >capable of desire, but does not fly into a rage of jealousy.
> >
> >Lust in a "perfected state" is still lust. Love in its perfected state is
> >called charity.
> Well, again it might be a matter of semantics, but what about a lust for
> righteousness?

Said Brother Young to his wife on their wedding night: "I have a righteous
lust for your temple of the Lord."  That kind lust for righteousness?


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