Since this was the topic of an earlier discussion about a looming and 
lowering lunar orbit threatening the heads of taller dinosaurs, I 
thought it might be of passing interest...

Experts split on dinos' demise 

    Though conventional wisdom among many scientists -- and newspaper 
reporters -- widely favors an apocalyptic asteroid ending the age of 
dinosaurs, one group of scientists remains decidedly undecided: dinosaur 
    After examining surveys of researchers at various scientific 
meetings over the past two decades, paleontology student Keynyn Brysse 
of Canada's University of Alberta concludes that although most experts 
agree that an asteroid struck the Earth 65 million years ago, most don't 
agree enough evidence exists to definitively conclude that it killed the 
    Dinosaur research belongs to the field of vertebrate paleontology, 
the study of fossil remains of creatures with a backbone. 
    Supporters of the impact theory include geologists, who study rock 
layers, and invertebrate paleontologists, who study the fossils left 
behind by shelled sea creatures. Members of those disciplines 
overwhelmingly agreed in surveys that the asteroid impact caused the 
mass extinction. But echoing past surveys, about 72 percent of a group 
of Society of Vertebrate Paleontology members surveyed by Brysse this 
year contended that the extinction resulted from a combination of 
volcanic and climate effects along with the impact. Only 20 percent 
thought the impact alone killed off the dinosaurs. The remainder were 
uncertain about any cause. 

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